Scientific Name

Scientific Name Leaf Form Color Petals
Acacia auriculiformis Alternate Tree Green 5
Acer rubrum Opposite Tree Red 5
Alstonia macrophylla Whorled Tree White 5
Amyris elemifera Compound Tree White 4
Annona glabra Alternate Tree White 3
Ardesia elliptica Alternate Shrub Pink 5
Ardesia escallonioides Alternate Shrub White 5
Avicennia germinans Opposite Tree White 4
Baccharis glomeruliflora Alternate Shrub White Many
Baccharis haliminfolia Alternate Shrub White Many
Bejaria racemosa Alternate Shrub White 5
Bursera simaruba Compound Tree Green 5
Caesalpinia bonduc Compound Shrub Orange 5
Callicarpa americana Opposite Shrub Purple 5
Capparis cynophallophora Alternate Shrub White 4
Capparis flexuosa Alternate Shrub White 4
Cara floridana Compound Tree n/a n/a
Carya aquatica Compound Tree n/a n/a
Celtis laevigata Alternate Tree Green 5
Cephalanthus occidentalis Opposite Shrub White 4
Ceratiola ericoides Alternate Shrub Brown 2
Chiococca alba Opposite Shrub Yellow 5
Chrysobalanus icaco Alternate Shrub White 5
Chrysophyllum oliviforme Alternate Tree White 5
Citharexylum spinosum Alternate Tree White 5
Coccoloba diversifolia Alternate Shrub White 5
Coccoloba uvifera Alternate Tree White 5
Conocarpus erectus Alternate Tree Yellow 4
Cordia globosa Alternate Shrub White 5
Cornus foemina Opposite Tree White 4
Dalbergia escastophyllum Compound Shrub White 5
Diospyros virginiana Alternate Tree White 4
Dodonaea viscosa Alternate Tree Yellow n/a
Erithalis fruticosa Opposite Tree White 5
Erythrina herbacea Compound Shrub Red 5
Eugenia axillaris Opposite Tree White 4
Eugenia foetida Opposite Tree White 4
Exothea paniculata Compound Tree White 5
Ficus aurea Alternate Tree Green n/a
Forestiera segregata Opposite Shrub Green n/a
Fraxinus caroliniana Compound Tree Green n/a
Gordonia lasianthus Alternate Tree White 5
Guajacum sanctum Compound Shrub Purple 5
Guapira discolor Alternate Shrub Green 5
Hamelia patens Opposite Shrub Red 5
Hibiscus furcellstus Alternate Shrub Pink 5
Ilex cassine Alternate Tree White 4
Ilex glabra Alternate Shrub White 4
Itea virginica Alternate Shrub White 5
Kosteletzkya virginiana Alternate Shrub Pink 5
Krugiodendron ferreum Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Laguncularia racemosa Opposite Tree White 4
Lantana camara Opposite Shrub Yellow 5
Lantana involucrata Opposite Shrub White 5
Lycium carolinianum Alternate Shrub Purple 5
Lyonia fruticosa Alternate Shrub White 5
Lyonia lucida Alternate Shrub Pink 5
Lysiloma latisiliqua Compound Tree White 5
Magnolia grandiflora Alternate Tree White Many
Magnolia virginiana Alternate Tree White Many
Mangifera indica Alternate Tree White 5
Melaleuca quinquenervia Alternate Tree White 4
Metopium toxiferum Compound Tree Yellow 5
Morinda royoc Opposite Shrub White 5
Morus rubra Alternate Tree White n/a
Myrcianthes fragrans Opposite Tree White 4
Myrica cerifera Alternate Tree Green n/a
Ocotea corriacea Alternate Tree White 6
Pentalinon luteum Opposite Shrub Yellow 5
Persea borbonia Alternate Tree Yellow 6
Pinus clausa Needle Tree n/a n/a
Pinus elliottii Needle Tree n/a n/a
Pithecellobium keyense Compound Shrub Yellow 5
Psidium guajava Opposite Tree White 4
Psychotria nervosa Opposite Shrub White 5
Psychotria sulzneri Opposite Shrub Green 5
Quercus chapmanii Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus germinata Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus inopina Alternate Shrub n/a n/a
Quercus laevis Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus laurifolia Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus minima Alternate Shrub n/a n/a
Quercus myrtifolia Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus nigra Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus pumila Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Quercus virginiana Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Randia aculeata Opposite Shrub White 5
Rapanea punctata Alternate Shrub White 5
Rhizophora mangle Opposite Tree Yellow 4
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa Opposite Shrub Pink 5
Rhus copallina Compound Shrub White 5
Ricinus communis Alternate Shrub Red 5
Sabal etonia Palmate Palm White n/a
Sabal palmetto Palmate Palm White n/a
Salix caroliniana Alternate Tree Yellow n/a
Sambucus nigra Compound Shrub White 5
Schoepfia chrysophylloides Alternate Tree Red 4
Serenoa repens Palmate Palm White n/a
Sideroxylon foetiddissimum Alternate Tree Green 5
Sideroxylon salicifolium Alternate Tree White 5
Sideroxylon tenax Alternate Shrub White 5
Simarouba glauca Compound Tree Yellow 5
Solanum bahamense Alternate Shrub Purple 5
Solanum diphyllum Alternate Shrub White 5
Solanum erianthum Alternate Shrub White 5
Sophora tomentosa Compound Shrub Yellow 5
Stillingia aquatica Alternate Shrub Yellow 5
Strychnos spinosa Opposite Tree Green 5
Suriana maritima Alternate Shrub Yellow 5
Taxodium ascendens Scalelike Tree Green n/a
Taxodium distichum Scalelike Tree Green n/a
Thespesia populnea Alternate Tree Yellow 5
Ulmus americana Alternate Tree n/a n/a
Viburnum obovatum Opposite Shrub White 5
Ximenia americana Alternate Shrub Yellow 4
Zanthoxylum clava-herculis Compound Tree Green 5
Zanthoxylum fagara Compound Shrub Green 4

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